Aug 21, 2009

Unlimited Calls to India - $24.99 Vonage

Vonage Holdings is adding unlimited free calls to countries including India, Mexico and China, plus speech-to-text conversion of voicemail, to its fixed-line VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) service. Vonage will let subscribers call more than 60 countries and territories as part of a flat-rate calling plan called Vonage World, priced at US$24.99 per month. The countries include India, Brazil, South Korea, Canada and Australia, as well as several countries in Europe and other locations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In more than a dozen of those countries, including India and China, calls to mobile phones are included. Alternatively, you can use Startec to call India for just 1.9 cents/min without a committment or prepayment.

Unlimited India - Vonage Plan

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K. S. Tooshie said...

Also FYI - Vonage World includes over 60 countries like India that are covered completely, not just certain cities or regions. Click "see included countries":