Sep 1, 2009

Save on GYM membership (any gym) - GlobalFit

GlobalFit gives you upto 65% discount on gym memberships without any long term contracts. They also give you a multi club option, ability to change clubs as you wish or cancel your membership easily. They have Curves, Gold's, Bally's, Sport & Health and many more clubs. I did a price comparison with the best price my club was giving me and they were able to beat it by 35% without a committment. You will need to Qualify first which you can do that through your employer or your health insurer like CIGNA or Carefirst. Check your eligibility first and get rates by going here.

Never pay retail prices and dont get sucked into high pressure sales pitch by good looking women with bigger biceps than yours or hunky guys with shrunk tshirts about committment to a workout and how its money spent on your health and all that other BS.

Special: Save $5 on your membership dues by calling GlobalFit and giving them this unique code: HMBHJI86NF2

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