Aug 4, 2011

Best Place for Tires - TireRack

Gas prices are climbing and one proven way to increase the mileage on your car is by keeping your tired properly inflated at all times. Check out this free App for estimates on car repair.

Summer: Don't super inflate your tires since air expands due to the summer heat and it may blow your tire.
Winter: Its ok to super inflate your tires since air will contract a little due to the cold.

Worn out tires can also reduce the mileage and in some cases if the tread depth of the tires is low,  it can cause accidents, skidding and lot of other problems.
Solution: Check your tires treadwear with a coin & get new tires if needed.

Best place for cheap tires is TireRack. They have the lowest prices around, almost next to nothing shipping and they will beat most competitor's prices as well. You can get the Tires Only package and go to a local auto shop like Tires Plus and have the tires mounted. It will cost you about $80 to have four tires mounted on a wheel and they'll still do the balancing and all that.

You could go to Costco or Sears and they all have free installation and lifetime warranty or many things like flat tires etc. but the cost of providing such service is already included in the price.

I highly recommend TireRack. Don't forget to use Ebates to get an additional 3% cash back on TireRack.

What do you think? Have you purchased tires from other places and found better deals/service?

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