Aug 11, 2009

Are your actions driven by perception?

Let's face it. We do a lot of things for a lot of reasons. However, the biggest driving factor for a lot of people is perception. How you are percieved in the world you live in.

Do you dress to impress or do you dress for comfort? (High heel shoes for women). Do you drive a luxury car because you want to go fast and are so time pressed that you need to know the weather and the traffic on your dashboard or is it a status symbol? Is a trip to Hawaii or Europe more for yourself or to show off in front of your friends and so called "friends" on Facebook?
I am not against showing off at all. Don't get me wrong. In fact, if you have worked towards something whether its a beach body or a nice sunroom/deck on your newly bought house...why not show it off? Besides, it gives you a sense of accomplishment..that you set aside to achieve something and you finally got it..and that feeling is unlike any other.

There are times in life when it is actually important to do things for a reason. I wouldn't want to dress down on a date or take a potential client to Wendy's for lunch cuz its waaay better or go penny wise on a customer. But if you are doing anything for friends or family its wrong! Just Stop! These are your friends and family...they shouldn't judge you based on what you do, what you wear, how you live your life. They should care for the person inside you and not the superficial media sold stereotype that everyone falls into.

The bottom line is that do things that matter to you. Don't let others drive your actions..whether its an expert opinion or friends or family or anyone for that matter. The next time you decide to spend money on something or decide to climb Mt Mckinley or go cave snorkeling in Cancun, ask yourself this: Are you doing it for yourself or to impress others?

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