Aug 14, 2009

Go to India - get 1 Free RT ticket anywhere in the US

sounds too good to be true? Well...not really! Stay with me here, & u'll be enjoying 1 free round trip ticket anywhere in the US for every air ticket to India!
  1. Out of the many airlines that you can fly to India, some literally do stand out. From East coast, if you want to go 1 stop to Ahmedabad or Mumbai then Qatar is the best airline in terms of service, food, newer planes...
  2. Sign up for Qmiles, frequent flyer programme of Qatar airlines.
  3. Sign up for United Mileage Plus program, if you don't have a mileage plus number
  4. Book a ticket to India by calling Qatar's office or by going online to Qatar Airways
  5. Make sure to give the travel agent your United Mileage Plus number. Don't give your Qatar Qmiles number. We'll come back to that later.
  6. Travel to India and come back. Your United mileage plus account will be credited with roughly 20k miles. Typically you need 25k miles for a free ticket, but United is offers discounts from time to time and there are other additional ways to get the 5k miles.
  7. Fill out a missing miles form on Qatar Airlines by going here and request Qmiles. Qatar is the only airline that doesn't mind giving out Qmiles even though they have already given you United miles. Perhaps their systems are not synchronized or whatever, but once you fill out this form, they will give you Qmiles. With 20k Qmiles, you can travel oneway from AMD-BOM or AMD-DEL or do whatever with it.
  8. Redeem United miles for a free flight anywhere in the continental US (subject to blackout and availability) and redeem Qatar's qmiles for a oneway flight.

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