Aug 5, 2009

Don't miss out on the Stock Market Rebound

The stock market has been acting like the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags, NJ...lately..going up and down faster than anything. However, you cannot ignore the FACT that stock prices have been down almost 60% from their highs just a year back.

Would you buy something for 60% off? Hell yeah! 60% is a great bargain! Will the stock prices tumble again? Sure they can, but in the long run they should stabilize. How long? No one knows for sure but you certainly don't want your money sitting in your checking account earning a measly 0.2% interest when you can be earning at least 10%! You don't need to be a major in Finance or take investing classes to put some money in the market and let it do its thing. It really is a no brainer! Even $1000 is good to get started.

स्टोकक्स में बहुत पैसा हैं
  1. Sign up for a OptionsHouse Margin account & deposit Money using the MoneyDirect service.
  2. Next, go to MSN money and pick a company that you like who has a StockScouter rating of 8 or higher, caps rating > 4 stars, Volume > 300,000. Buy something like ESL or BRS
  3. Note the Ticker Symbol & buy 100 shares of the stock using OptionsHouse Limit order ticket. Always use Limit. To set the limit price, look at the current Realtime quote. OptionsHouse gives you real time Streaming Quotes for free.
  4. Sell the stock in 6 months and enjoy the profits.
  5. You will pay taxes on the profits, but remember taxes are a percentage of the profit which means they can NEVER be more than the profit. If you are in the 25% tax bracket, you'll pay $1 for ever $4 u make in the stock market or in otherwords $3 goes to your pocket.
  6. Don't get fooled by cheapo brokerages like Zecco or TradeKing. Trust OptionsHouse as they are part of SIPC and your money is super secure with them. Get 100 FREE trades if you sign up using this link
Benefits of using OptionsHouse
  • $3.95 limit trades. This is one of the lowest rates around.
  • No inactivity or maintenance fees.
  • Designed by traders, extremely fast platform, streaming quotes

Disclaimer: Investing in the stock market carries significant risk and may result in a loss. Always invest at your own risk or consult a certified financial adviser before investing. Past results are not a guarantee for future returns.

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