Aug 6, 2009

Watch Movies for Less - AMC Promotion

Movie ticket prices have jumped like crazzy in the past two years. Some of the movies that came out this year are soo horrible that the theater should actually pay you to sit through it.

If you are like me, and like to watch a lot of movies in the theater, consider this promotion from AMC where you pay almost half price for watching the same movie (new release or old). You can save at least $4-5/person if you take advantage of this promotion. The only catch is that you have to watch the movie before noon on a weekday which is not bad if you have a day off from work/school or can go in 2 hours later.
Check out if your theater is participating - AMC offer

While you are at it, do sign up for the Free AMC movie watcher card and enjoy perks like Free Popcorn and more!

1 comment:

RG said...

its also available in weekends before noon (at least in WA)