Aug 4, 2009

Save extra 2% on top of the LOWEST Airline Price

By now you know that the cheapest way to get an airline ticket is to buy directly from the Airline on their own web site. You can use search tools like Kayak or Orbitz to help you look for the airline that's selling the cheapest tickets based on the destination and the time you want to travel. However, there's a way through which now you can earn an extra 2%, I repeat extra 2% on the LOWEST possible airline price.

Follow the simple trick and save money..its like getting a discount on top of a discount.
  1. Look for the cheapest ticket on Kayak. Searching is free, but if you sign up they let you search a few days before and after to get the absolute cheapest price.
  2. Locate the airline that's offering the ticket you want to purchase.
  3. Lets say United is offering the cheapest ticket. Just note down the flight numbers and the flight times that you want to purchase.
  4. Sign up for Ebates by clicking this Ebates Sign Up
  5. Login to Ebates. Once logged in, Search for Priceline or go directly to this link. You must click on this link to go to Priceline and you must be logged on to Ebates.
  6. Once you are on the priceline site, just search for the same itinerary that you saw in Step 1 and locate it. Just purchase that ticket like you normally would. Rest assured you are paying the same fare as you would have paid on as Priceline doesn't charge Booking fees. Use a good credit card to get an additional 1-2% in rewards.
  7. Ebates will send you a 2% check in 3 months in the amount of the purchase you made on Priceline.
  8. In the end, you get the cheapest ticket as the airline, but still get an extra 2% back by using Ebates and Priceline. Remember, its all about the Big Picture when it comes to saving money.

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