Jul 12, 2011

Why I love walmart.com

There's an opportunity cost associated with everything that you do. When you are reading this blog, you could be doing something else....something else that could be potentially earning you money.

People love to shop at walmart and why shouldn't they? More than 90% of the times you can get better prices on everything from cleaning supplies to toothpaste to even milk without worrying about coupons or sale. Most people don't realize that they are also wasting about 2 hours of their valuable time. Shopping at a walmart is no better than shopping at a flea market. Its crazy on weekends.

How about getting walmart prices without leaving your home? Have you tried Walmart.com lately? They have FREE shipping on thousands of items. Don't believe me?

Check out this listing: Free Shipping items on Walmart.com

Wait...there's more. What if you could make the deal even sweeter? You can save 2% on everything you spend on Walmart.com by using Ebates. Just sign up for Ebates using this link and then go to Walmart.com using a special Ebates link. Thats it. Ebates will gladly send you a 2% cashback check every month or so.

Free Shipping, Cheap Prices, 2% cashback...only thing missing is some whipped cream!! :)

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