Nov 3, 2011

Fix up your car - easy way and save money

Advance auto parts has everything you need to clean up your car, replace batttery, replace parts on your car. I am not a very hand person and I agree that its a pain to do those things yourselves.

However, Advance auto parts is cheap and if you do a single car related task yourself including carwash, you are looking at saving a lot of money.

Certain things that can EASILY be done in very little time with no or limited tools:

Replace Air Filter
Clean and Wax your car
Install New Wiper Blades (Advance auto parts will install for free and they sell wipers for much less than those pricy dealerships or places like TiresPlus and Meineke)
Install new battery (free installation if you buy the battery at AAP)
Replace your tires

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You can order online and do a free in-store pick up.

Think about it; money saved is money made! Your car will run longer if you regular take care of it and if there is a problem, you can always use this Free App to get a good estimate on repairs.

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